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Erectile - the new Bastard Project
Pictopia, Berlin, 19-21 march


Der Character Rummelplatz ist eröffnet. Das Bastard-Project läd zur shooting gallery. Eine
kleine Horde jungfräulich weißer Charakters wartet sehnsüchtig auf ihre Initiation. Spürt die
Energie des surreal farbenfrohen Rituals und werdet Teil der Paintball Finissage

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Typo-images of the Exposition


As usual: once the party is over you feel so tired. But happy, because it was nice to see all those people. Here a fiew images showing the typo-work of this event. More images to follow soon.

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Making Of
Bastard Exposition


Bastard photographer Christian is proud of his new phone, making pictures from everything and everywhere. Catch a glimpse of the preparation for our exposition and party...See you in two days!

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24 / 26 / 27 Januar, Fleischmarkthalle Karlsruhe



DO 24. Jan 2008, 18:00
VIP OPENING EVENT: only for special guests

SA 26. Jan 2008, 21:00 PARTY
Âme / feat. F. Wiedemann (Innervision Records)
Shahrokh (Compost Records / Blacklabel)
Djuma soundsystem (Get Physical Music / Berlin)
10,- € / students 8,- €

SUN 27. Jan 2008, 15:00-18:00
Finissage with Glühwein

Fleischmarkthalle Schlachthof Karlsruhe, Durlacher Allee 62
This Event is proudly supported by: PTV AG and Finest/Magma BRAND DESIGN

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Focus Award 2007
FH Dortmund 21.11-25.11.2007


We are invited to present our Work during the FOCUS AWARD in Dortmund. Our lecture is at 18:30. A lot of great Speakers will be there. See the listing here.

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Pix from André
Designcenter Stilwerk


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The Artists of "Illustrative" in Berlin
Designcenter Stilwerk


The Exposition "Die Künstler der Illustrative" will show works from: Mario Wagner (D), Rusell Cobb (UK), Lars Henkel (D), Vania Zouravlev (RU), Andre Rösler (D), Pierre Le Gonidec (F), Tim Dinter (D), Louise Weir (UK), David Foldvari (UK), Jan Feindt (D), Roman Bittner (D), Finn Campbell-Notman (UK).

location: Designcenter Stilwerk, Kantstr. 17, 10623 Berlin
Open: 1.- 30. June 2007, every day from 9:00 - 20.00

Opening: 8. June 2007, 19.00

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translations 02
Pix from Mainz

translation 02001.jpg

It was absolutely great to be there. The folks from FH-Mainz made a great job: perfectly organised, fantastic party location, brilliant speakers... our lecture seemed to be one of the highlights.

More pix also on our flickr space.
See also tdc/slanted.

see you in berlin!

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Bastard-Project & Slanted @ Typo Berlin
Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of May


We will be in Berlin at Typo Berlin, presenting the Slanted Magazine (Issue #4 Grid/Matrix), our Instant-Gallery Caravan (just in front of the bcc Berliner Congress Center, Alexanderstr. 11) with a live performance and show on friday in the TYPOshow Auditorium. See you!

Freitag | 16:00 Uhr | TYPOshow
Instant Gallery on Tour

Ein Bastard Project, mit Lesung der Autorin Sudabeh Mohafez und aktuellen Arbeiten des Bastard-Projects von dem Fotografen Christian Ernst, dem Illustrator André Rösler und dem Designer Lars Harmsen. DJ Frank Wiedemann / Âme (Sonar Kollektiv) tritt live auf. Seit Februar 2007 sind die Autoren des Bastard Buches immer wieder on Tour, diesmal mit einem Wohnwagen welcher zu einer Galerie umgewandelt wurde. Auf dem Weg zur TYPO wurde auf zahlreichen Stationen Bilder von Menschen und Orten eingefangen und in einer Instant-Gallery präsentiert. Der Wohnwagen wird während der TYPO vor Ort sein.

Samstag | 15:00 Uhr | TYPOshow
Typografie, Magazine & Playlists

Magazine und deren Designs folgen bestimmten modischen Codes. Die visuellen Moden können sicherlich mit den musikalischen Moden der letzten Jahre verglichen werden. Die meisten Grafik- und auch Typedesigner verorten sich ja mit ihrer Arbeit und ihrem Musikgeschmack in den verschiedenen zeitgenössischen Feldern – Typografie, Magazine, Playlists.

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Impressions from Colophon in Luxemburg
Instant Gallery


Dear friends, magazine lovers, dear mike, dear jeremy, dear mag-makers from all over the world, dear artists,
it was just great seeing and talking to you. we loved to be there, we loved to make the insatnt gallery wall in the colophon loby (thanx to HP for suporting us with the colour-printer!), to party in the caravan from dust still dawn, to feel type, paper, fotos, to have talks and laughs. the bastard-project will probably tour through europe this year with the instant gallery in its caravan..because it rocks, it works and makes us work.
we would also thank all those who stayed till 6 on sunday and listened to our lecture. the feedback was great. thank you!
we got plenty of wonderfull images. don´t hesitate to get in touch with us to get them in high-res.
see you!

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Kill your inner bastard
Pictoplasma Berlin / character walk 2006


André and Uli have been in Berlin and gave all visitors the opportunity to shoot the hell out of them. More pix here: Pix from Pictoplasma

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They Call It Mischkalkulation
André Rösler, Exposition in Lahr, Städtischen Galerie im Alten Rathaus


Lahr is a small town (28.000 habitants) close to the beautiful Black Forest. It has been founded in 1218 (construction of a Castle). After War it became the biggest Canadian Air-Base in Europe till 1993.

André Rösler, Bastard Illustartor, was born here 1970 and came now back to town with a solo exposition in Lahr's top exposition-location, the Städtische Galerie in the Old City Hall. The major Wolfgang G. Müller opened the exposition this sunday. The work will be shown till 15th october 2006.

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Impressions of Heimadesign
Essen, Zollverein


Heimatdesign invited us to present our project at the fashion, design and photography event in Essen, Zollverein. The location is absolutely great. This place of blood, sweat, heat and muscles has been changed into an open air museum with a cinema, bars, swimming pool, expositiion halls, dancing places etc.

HP supportet us again with a Designjet 90, which allowed us to show our way to work: making pictures, illustrations and sampling both to images that are sticked to wall as soon as they where printed. For a lot of visitors a surprising experience.

We all loved the bands. Most of all the synthie-pop  band Client. Go and see them if you love wet dreams.

The Heimatdesign-staff made a superb job (thanx to all of you!). We´ll hope to be there next year.

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Typo Berlin, 18-20th of May


We have been in Berlin and it was a fantastic event. We met a bunch of designers as David Carson (L.A.), Kalle Lasn(Vancover), Eboy (Berlin), Gail Anderson (NY), Chip Kid (NY), Erik Spiekermann (Berlin), Fons Hickmann (Berliin)...
With the kindyl support of HP we had a great booth.

All the images have been posted on our typeblog

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Images of the Exposition in Milan
Raas Gallery Bookstore, via Pietrasanta 14, edificio 2


The Gallery Raas in Milan opened a few weeks ago. The Bookstore is great, the very nice Caffé ha svery good italian food. A great new place in milan. The images of Christian Ernst show the opening, the trip to Milan and a few more portraits.
Thanx to Giacinto, manager of the Raas Milan!

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Ilija Trojanow winns Preis der Leipziger Buchmesse 2006

Illja (left)

Am 16. März 2006 wurde in der Glashalle des Leipziger Messegeländes während der Leipziger Buchmesse der "Preis der Leipziger Buchmesse" in den Kategorien "Belletristik", "Sachbuch/Essayistik" und "Übersetzung" verliehen.

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Opening of the Exposition

title expo.jpg

We are back in Germany. Yesterday we left the hotel at 7 o´clock in the morning, we went to bed at five. The plane arrived at 12:20, I was in office around 2:00 in the afternoon. Europe melted to something so small...and very big. These 4 days and nights in Barcelona have just been BIG!

On Tuesday ACTAR (actually Ramon is teaching there) invited us to have a lecture at the Elisava design school, showing our project to the master-class of design. The class has some "bastards" (students come from all over the world). Most studens came the next day to the opening of the exposition.

We felt gratefull for all those people who came to see our work. And we loved to see Ramon, Anna, Albert, Dolors, Rein and all the others from ACTAR - opening their hearts and showing us their respect for our work, trusting in our ideas and our design. It was fun to built up the exposition with the help of Gaby and Leonora. We where very thankfull to see Sudabeh Mohafez, one of the authors of the book, to read the first part of the storry STONE QUARRY. We where happy to see Rüdiger John who wrote the introduction to our book.

A lot of friends from all over the world came along: Arjen from STEREO in Holland came and offered us the latest issue of his fantastic magazine; Paadin from the Design Studio Lamosca; on the way from the airport Gerona to Barcelona my cousin Ulrike (I haven´t seen here for over 20 years!) recognized me and came along for the opening; Escobas from the FAKIR-Artist Group from Mexico-City came unfortunately to late, but I am sure he saw the expo today; Sandra from Zürich was there as well as Aurelia and a lot of other friends.

A very intense moment. Thanks to all of you! You made our world shrink to something big.

Doctor Dou, 10
08001 Barcelona Spain
Tel. +34 93 412 71 99
tue-sat 13:00 - 21:00

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We are preparing the expostion that will open in two days. Leonora and Gaby are helping us and made a real good job. We decided to keep one of the walls black (from a previous exposition). André started a barking dog-bastard-image and together we glued a wallpaper with makulatur-prints that André will overdraw tomorrow. We don´t know yet where to hang all the frames. We´ll see tomorrow! That´s Bastard!

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Images from the London Book Fair
From Sirkka Hammer


Sirkka designed the wonderfull font FRAKZIDENZ that is in the Bastard-book. She went to London and just sent us these pix from the bookfair.
The book has finally been published, we will show more in a few days.

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Exposition Opening RAS / BARCELONA


Ras invites you to the opening of the exposition entitled, "Bastard, Choose my Identity. Please join us on March 22 at 20h00 for the opening and book launch presentation of Actar's new publication.

Sudabeh Mohafez will be reading at the opening of the exposition!

Ras us convida a la inauguració de l'exposició Bastard. Choose my Identity i a la presentació del llibre del mateix títol publicat per Actar, el proper 22 de març a les 20:00.

ras /// Doctor Dou, 10 /// 08001 Barcelona /// Spain
Tel. +34 93 412 71 99 /// tue-sat 13:00 - 21:00

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Author Sudabeh Mohafez wins Chamisso Prize
16. Feb. 2006


Congratulations! Sudabeh, one of the authors in the Bastard book won the Chamisso Prize! More Infos see: Robert Bosch Stiftung

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London Book Fair 2006
March 5, 2006 - March 7, 2006

C:Dokumente und EinstellungencorinneDesktoplbf06_redesign_logo.gif

The Bastard book will first be presented at the London Book Fair.
Stand : M850

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Preparing the Exposition
HP Printer


HP sponsored us with a fantastic Designjet 130NR. During the last two weeks we printed a bunch of images.

Here a fiew posters we designed for upcoming expositions....

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Exposition Pool
by Taro Hirano


We met Taro in Tokyo (see Bastard meets Taro). He showed us a few images of his new project. Here it is...great! He loves skateboarding. So guess what these pools are?


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Buchmesse Frankfurt


Last week we have been in Frankfrut (Buchmesse) to see Actar (Ramon & Anna) as well as Mr. Albers (Robert Bosch Stiftung) and a few foreign authors (Selim Özdogan, Ilija Marinow Trojanow & Sudabeh Mohafez ). Look here to see a book-preview.

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Exposition Poster


This is a poster-contribution we made for Architekturzeit 2005, an Event that is going to happen this evening.

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29th april, party


This invitation joined us from our friend Javo from MXC. Sorry, we´d love to come...

Toca juega y te prendes.
A 10 años de su primer ejemplar, la ¿revista? FAKIR celebra con una retrospectiva.
10 años, 7 ediciones.
Ahora tienes la oportunidad de ver y tener en tus manos cada ejemplar  de esta revista objetual, única e irrepetible.
Solamente la noche del viernes 29 de abril, a partir de las 21 hrs en el Centro Cultural España, Guatemala No. 18 Centro histórico, detrás de Catedral

Entrada L I B R E Música a cargo de
o María Daniela y su Sonido Lasser Moderna
o Todos somos Diyeis
o y Miguel Calderón como pinchadiscos

Más información en

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