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Maria Guseva
krasnodar / russia


We just got thes images from Maria, born in Novokorsunskoj / Titnascherski. 2006 she won the epson artphoto contest and 2007 the large price of student spring at the kuban. She will work on the krasnodar student project with Bastard-fotograf Ch. Ernst.

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Chrisitan Ernst goes Krasnodar
Student Project


A couple of days ago Bastard Photograph Ch. Ernst Kurti came back from Offerta (a local Fair about products of the region) with a bunch of pictures taken at the both of Krasnodar (the twin-city of Karlsruhe). In 2008 he would like to invite a few students to come here and work with him, in return he will visit Krasondar and give lectures at the Art School. Nice new project.

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New Book by Ilija Trojanow, Ranjit Hoskote


Bastard author Ilija Trojanow wrote a new book subtitled Kulturen bekämpfen sich nicht, sie fließen zusammen: Cultures don´t fight each other, they melt together.

Ranjit writes for The Bombay Times and The Hindu. He is poet and secretary of the indian PEN.

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Worship & Deadflowers
New Shirts by André


Nice new shirts, nice shop: Cottoncow

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Interview with Bastard André Rösler on Designklicks:
Weihnachten ist kein progressives Fest, es beruht auf Traditionen.


Der Spiegel (The Mirror) is Europe's biggest and Germany's most influential weekly magazine, published in Hamburg, with a circulation of around one million per week. The first edition of the Spiegel magazine was published 1947. Spiegel Online [1] (abbreviated SPON) was introduced in 1994. In the section Culture/Designklicks young fotographers and illustrators are presented.
You can read a brand new interview with André Rösler here

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Actars new website


Finally our editor Actar presents itself with a new website. Great job!!!

See also: Bastard at Actar

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goon Magazin n°19
Der Quirl im Design


goon is a fancy magazine that we presented already a few weeks ago. Now they published 3 of our illustrations in their recent issue and wrote an article.

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pdf online Mag shows BASTARD


Castlemagazine is a pdf online mag with regularly issues.
It consists of the work of free Illustrators, Artists or other creative nerds.
Every issue comes for free and is full of weird and high quality arty stuff.

We are happy to see our work here (Pages 75-81), among a lot of other cool works!

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Magazin für Gegenwartskultur


Another nice publication in a German magazine about art. Beside the print-bublication in DIN A5 Format, Goon has an very informative and interesting website:

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A Critic by Klaus Heid


Regioartline is a wepspace presenting interesting projects in the region between Basel, Freiburg an Straßbourg. Klaus Heid presented our Bastard Book.

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Publicates Spreads of our work


We are glad to be in the first issue of /revolutionart!!!

Just see the Download!

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Book is beeing finished soon
Auhtors and Typedesigners

The design of the book is almost finished. We are happy to announce that a bunch of typedsigners and authors contributed to this project. In the following weeks we will present brand new fonts, extracts from the book and informations about print, pormotion etc.

typedesigners: Boris Kahl, Christoph Rankers, Christoph Seiler, Dan Reynolds, David Hubner, Escobas, Heinrich Lischka, Ingo Krepinsky, L. Harmsen, U. Weiß, N. Renger
Lars Harmsen, Henry Roussier, Matthias Kantereit, Martina Hartmann, Michel M., Paul Hoppe, Peter Brugger, René Verkaart, Sandra Hofacker, Sirkka Hammer, Stefan Claudius, Thomas Mettendorf

authors:László Csiba, Radek Knapp, Sudabeh Mohafez, José F.A. Oliver, Selim Özdogan, Ilija Marinow Trojanow. And guest-author Rüdiger John.

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Publication December Issue


Complot is a very cool magazine in MXC. The december issue shows a few images from our WorldTour. Thanx!

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space intervention Project


This morning we got a mail from someone in Guadalajara/Mexico. Memo is doing a public space intervention Project. For me it dosen´t look extrodinary new. But I like this idea of people form all over the world feeling that bastarding is an urban, modern phenomena. Read here more about the project...

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Publication in Batterie
Issue 14 / Unplug


The new Batterie is available for download at Topic of number 14 is "unplug".
We designed a few pages...

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Publication in encore
Pages 112-135


The july issue of encore magazine finally came out. With a lot of great
contributions on over 150 pages - amongst others 12 double pages about our
bastard project.

Have a look at it!

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Form features Bastard
In three weeks around the world



This picture is a small foretaste on the upcoming book Bastard. The
new Form features this book with a short article:

"Designed travelling
Creativity mustn’t only happen at the desktop, thought designer Lars
Harmsen, photographer Christian Ernst and illustrator André Rösler. So they
travelled around the world for three weeks with a self-chosen creative
mission. From starting point Frankfurt their route led to Mexico City, from
there to Los Angeles, Tokio, Hongkong, Bangkok, Dubai and back to Main
Intention of the journey was to collect impressions for a book project,
which will be released at the spanish design publishing company Actar with
the title "Bastard" in fall, on the occasion of the book convention in
Frankfurt. The particular title is program for it’s about bringing together
cultures in a new interpretation of several styles, identities and
traditions. In addition to the design-images, photographies and
illustrations prominent authors from several continents will contribute
short essays to the topic Bastard."

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Batterie Issue 13
You are here


Batterie is a small german pdf-magazine, managed by Andreas Magino & Tobias Waszkiewicz. The fresh issue is called "YOU ARE HERE". It fitted to our worldtour, so we contributed a few pages...

Download mag here!

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Excerpts from The Bastard WORLDTOUR will be published in USELESS Fashion &
magazine. USELESS 03 will issue in July 2005.

Form will publish first informations in the april issue.

During the world-tour the very stylish magazine Goon Magazine will publish reports and images online.

Style and the family tunes wird auch über die Tour berichten: Stylemag

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Photography, Illustration, Typography


This is the first draft of the BASTARD-Project. Of course all images and the design will be created during and after the world tour. Every thing is in progress from now on!

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World tour is set
6 megacities in 3 weeks

Our World Tour is set: from 12.3. till 2.4. 2005 we'll be rocking trough the 6 Megacities:
12.3. Mexico City
16.3. L.A.
21.3. Tokyo
23.3. HongKong
26.3. Bangkog
30.3. Dubai
2.4. Frankfurt.
We'll meet a lot of designers, typographers, artist and crazy people. Join us on our daily report during the tour with first impressions, illustrations and images.

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