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Impressions from Colophon in Luxemburg
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Dear friends, magazine lovers, dear mike, dear jeremy, dear mag-makers from all over the world, dear artists,
it was just great seeing and talking to you. we loved to be there, we loved to make the insatnt gallery wall in the colophon loby (thanx to HP for suporting us with the colour-printer!), to party in the caravan from dust still dawn, to feel type, paper, fotos, to have talks and laughs. the bastard-project will probably tour through europe this year with the instant gallery in its caravan..because it rocks, it works and makes us work.
we would also thank all those who stayed till 6 on sunday and listened to our lecture. the feedback was great. thank you!
we got plenty of wonderfull images. don´t hesitate to get in touch with us to get them in high-res.
see you!


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Re: Impressions from Colophon in Luxemburg

It was a fantastic weekend - the highlight most definitely having the opportunity to chew on the nipple of a certain fishnet clad DJ! Your photography is really great. was fun hanging out in ur caravan till disgustng hours in the morning! i'm the innapropriate young lady featuring on a few of these photos..

Posted by: sarah lewis at 19.03.2007 01:01

Re: Impressions from Colophon in Luxemburg

Bastard Team on Colophon, whole Autobahn remarked the arrival of the team in Lux, Gringo type on the back of the BastardWohnMobile. Mobile studio in action and smooth clip conference on magazine layout systems...

Nice ;-)


Posted by: Henri Roussier at 21.03.2007 12:30

Re: Impressions from Colophon in Luxemburg

I was the invisible blogger. I was embarrassed cause I had to ask who Flo who he was at the end of the talk. The talk was ace. I went to Berlin afterwards looking for some of the magazines that were in the talk. Spex is so boring now! Anyhow, I just wanted to say 'I' alot. 6 times! How rude! My slightly dry assessment is here:

yay colophon

Posted by: Boicozine at 21.03.2007 19:07

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